Labour Street Consultation – Are you FOR or AGAINST fracking in the East Riding?

Labour Rose.gifHOLDERNESS Branch of the Labour Party will be holding a stall in Hedon Market Place tomorrow (on Saturday 6th September 2014) specifically on the issue of fracking.

Fracking was the subject of a well-attended meeting in the Red Cross Hall last month where campaigners outlined their concerns about the technique used to extract shale gas from rocks deep underground.

Labour Party activists will respond to the concerns about the safety of fracking, by running a street consultation by secret ballot – asking everyone to vote FOR or AGAINST fracking in the East Riding.

The street stall will be in Hedon Market Place from 10am (weather permitting – if raining the stall will be re-located to the big Co-op on Hull Road, Hedon).

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  1. Good work for proposing that motion and good luck with it.

    It would be great to see Hedon Town Council take an anti fracking stance and that to be repeated in neighbouring parishes across the county.

    East Riding Council don’t seem to be bothered as the Conservatives back fracking.


  2. Hi Aly, I agree Fracking is a much more important issue for Holderness than short term referendum stunt the Tories are wasting our money on. That’s why we in Labour have been debating this issue and we ran the poll today to consult local people. Beverley and Holderness Labour Party has proposed a motion at this months party conference for a LABOUR GOVERNMENT to place a moratorium on all fracking development. The Party has already said the current government guidelines and industry supervision is woefully inadequate. But we want the national party to take a tougher stance. We face an energy crisis in this country, but fracking is not an acceptable answer in terms of the environmental impact and it is another fossil fuel, when we should be switching to carbon free power.

    We will be announcing the result of the poll tomorrow


  3. Fracking is incredibly dangerous. I arranged the recent fracking information evening held in the red cross hall to raise public awareness of how this affects our area. The dangers of fracking far outweigh any benefits.


  4. Fracking is probably the biggest threat facing East Yorkshire, a bigger threat than immigration or some parishes moving in to the City of Hull and the saddest thing about it is that is already on our doorsteps at 2 sites in the East Riding. More wells could be set up anywhere in the county.

    It’s great to see the Labour Party doing this to raise awareness but The Green Party are the only political party that is against fracking.

    As a country we should be looking at greener alternatives and energy efficiency rather than squeezing more fossil fuels out of the ground by dangerous means.


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