Museum Exhibition: The Hull to Withernsea Railway – 1854 to 1965

Hull to Withernsea Line SignJohn Groome Hedon MuseumTHE EXHIBITION at Hedon Museum marks 50 years since the last passenger train traversed the Hull to Withernsea Railway line.

Amongst the exhibits on show is an actual cast-iron fireplace removed from the Withernsea Station when it was demolished in 1997. Museum trustee John Groome is pictured here in front of the fireplace ‘lighting the way’ for visitors to come and see the exhibition.

Also displayed in the exhibition is a portrait of the line’s founder Anthony Bannister which is on loan courtesy of the Withernsea Lighthouse Museum. Historical photographs, artefacts and unique memorabilia all help to explain the story of the railway from its inception, to its demise and afterwards.

Hedon Station

Photo: Hedon Station sent in by Malc Ripley

HEDON MUSEUM explains ‘The Hull to Withernsea Railway’ story in its latest exhibition which opens on Saturday, 6th September 2014.

Running until the 8th October the exhibition will feature models, photographs, posters and much more.

Admission to the Museum is free. Open Saturday and Wednesday from 10am – 4pm.

Refreshments available.

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This remarkable footage from YouTube is believed to have been originally taken by a Withernsea man Stan Kerman from the cab of his diesel train in 1957 (can anyone provide further information about Mr Kerman or the film)?

The whole journey is speeded up to take just over 4 minutes but according to comments on YouTube was originally filmed to last 2 minutes! Expect to see Hedon about 1:45 in – but don’t blink!

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  1. nice find thanks for posting , walk my dog along it every day ,
    we even found a stray bullock, and returned it to farmer. keep up the good work.

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