War lectures – £110 for Mayor’s Charities

EY Regiment uniform and Lewis GunHEDON MUSEUM SOCIETY has given its thanks to Mr Ivor Maw for presenting his entertaining lectures and sideshow about the battlefield sites of World War 1 in France and Flanders. Thanks also to Hedon Town Council for the use of the council chamber as a venue for the two events held in July and August 2014.

The ticket sales for “The Western Front” events raised £110 towards the Hedon Mayor’s charities fund for 2014-15.


Local history enthusiasts will also be interested to note that the exhibition currently showing at Hedon Museum “Home & Away – Holderness in the Great War” has proved particularly popular and has been extended and will now show until Wednesday 3rd September 2014.

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  1. My thanks go to Martin Craven of The Hedon Museum, for organising the event, and to Ivor Maw for his most enlightening presentation. The proceeds are very gratefully received, and the whole amount raised will go to Prostate Cancer (UK), the Mayor’s main charity this year.
    I went along to the museum when I was researching the names of the young men who died during WW1, to compile the Roll of Honour to be read out during the centenary service at the Cenotaph. I have to say that the museum team have once again done a brilliant job. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this exhibition. You will be really impressed, and will learn a great deal about how the war impacted on the lives of those living here in Hedon, and in Holderness villages during the Great War. Well done to Martin, Julie and all involved in putting the display together.
    Hedon is very lucky to have such a dedicated team of people working so hard to ensure the success of the museum.

    John P. Dennis
    Mayor of Hedon


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