Boundary Referendum

One man protest in Hedon town #ItsaNoNo to Hull’s expansion!

Dave Young one man protest portraitDAVE YOUNG has been conducting a one-man protest in Hedon town centre to oppose the idea of Hedon being annexed by Hull City Council.

Dave is popularly known around town as the Hedon Mayor’s Sergeant of the Mace and in that ceremonial role is usually seen with the town’s silver mace over his shoulder. But over the last few days he has swapped the mace for a ‘Hands Off!” placard and has been standing in the Market Place reminding people that they can vote in the Boundary Referendum next month.

Dave’s other role in civic affairs is The Town Crier – so perhaps telling people about the referendum is not so far removed from that civic function.

Dave said: “I’m passionate about Hedon and I love the place – and I don’t want to see it absorbed by Hull! It’s important that people vote in the referendum. So I’ve been here on market day, yesterday and today talking to people about the campaign!”

The “Hands Off!” campaign has certainly got its critics in Hull and a few voices have also been raised in other parts of the East Riding criticising the cost of the referendum to council tax payers, but Dave has not found any support whatsoever in the town for Hedon becoming part of a Greater Hull!

We have also got to commend and admire Dave for his commitment to the cause!

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