Lifestyle jammy entrepreneurs!

Josh and Ross Freer Jammy“The Gardening Cousins” Josh and Ross Freer are a Lifestyles Team with enterprise at its heart!

JR JamOn Monday the two ten-year olds from Inmans Primary School, Hedon ran a stall at Hedon Post office to sell jams and chutneys for their good cause. The produce was all home-made by Josh and Ross using fruit and vegetables grown at Joshua’s grandma’s allotment. Their stall displayed the results of their cottage industry with each jar marked with its own “JR” brand label and selling for £1 or £1.50! They also produced recipe sheets for each preserve so that those buying a jar could make it themselves.

The boys have spent the summer holidays helping people weed and tidy their gardens. They have helped out at Songbirds Nursery in Preston last week and next week will be weeding and tidying up at the Hedon Group Practice branch surgery garden at Keyingham too!

The money they make will go towards purchasing a bird table for a residential home in Hedon.

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  1. Well done son (Ross) and nephew Josh you did a great job on this and everything else you’ve done throughout the summer…….well done I’m really proud of you both.
    Dad x


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