Boundary Referendum

“Hands Off the East Riding!” – Campaign starts for real!

John Dennis and Hands Off bannerAT TONIGHT’S ‘Hands Off the East Riding!’ meeting at Hessle Town Hall, campaign leader Councillor John Dennis is saying:

“It’s vitally important that residents of the potentially affected towns and villages realise just how essential it is to vote in the referendum on this issue which could have a serious impact on their way of life, and could result in the loss of identity of their ancient communities, most of which have existed since long before Kingston of Hull was founded.”

More on this at HU12 Online: Hands Off Campaign Launch

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  1. At hands-off meetings we’ve discussed setting up a public meeting in Hedon. (plus another across in Haltemprice). I can get a top level representative of E.R.Y.C to come and speak/debate/answer questions, but will Hull send anyone? I’ll leave that question hanging there.

    Come on Hull CC – lets be having you!!!

  2. The Eat Riding should be left alone completely and not allow Hull City Council to expand its boundaries allow building on green filed sites and in turn fill their own pockets. I strongly urge all to vote against this as i will be!!!

  3. My name is Dave Buckland…I Live in Hessle and i most certainly do NOT see myself as part of Hull.If i wanted to be part of Hull,I would go & live there! This is all about Money.Hull Council want our Money to line their Pockets.So its a Definate NO from me.Anybody know where i would get a t-shirt from?Or Window Poster?.

  4. As I was watching Look North today, our local Independent Mayor is now a Conservative.

    Look North stated Cllr John Dennis, Mayor of Hedon (Con), I thought all bar one of our Town Councillors were independents.

    Joking aside, I think Hull should be absorbed into the East Riding. Look at Leeds, their boundary includes Leeds City and rural places like Otley and Wetherby. This would be the most sensible option.

  5. The ruling I believe is that if the people are against the plans, then the boundaries will remain the same, so I agree totally with John, residents must use their vote. I do not want to be part of Hull, the better run council is the East Riding.

  6. I live in Anlaby and see myself as part of Hull, it makes economic, social and cultural sense to have one council for at least the villages on the boundary if not the whole of the East Riding, we should not be having a referendum till after the commission has reported.

    • Hi Charles – I would be interested in independently sponsoring a Public Meeting in Hedon during September to debate the whole issue. Have you any suggestions of who might be willing to come and present the Hull case?

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