Boundary Referendum

“Hands Off!” posters appear around town!

Hands Off poster

Poster in Hedon Town Council noticeboard

THE IMMINENT LAUNCH of the “Hands Off!” campaign has been heralded with posters appearing around Hedon town centre.

The East Riding of Yorkshire boundary referendum notices are already being displayed across town promoting the fact that the referendum will take place between 8th September and 26th September 2014 – but the new striking red and grey “Hands Off!” posters, with a logo designed by Adam Easton, look set to capture the imagination – and the mood – of local people.

The posters promote a website at which appeals to affected residents in the East Riding to vote NO to any “City of Hull land grab” and join the campaign to encourage other residents to do the same.

We will wait to receive the official information on the “Hands Off!” launch – but one thing is clear; these campaigners mean business!

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