Wednesday Writings

Wednesday Writings – WAR

WAR – By Terry Fee

The year nineteen fourteen,
The start of something we’ve never seen,
Millions killed in between,
It ended in nineteen eighteen.

Your country needs you was the cry,
They didn’t say how many would die,
Young boys going off to war,
Many would be seen no more.

Twenty one years after the Great War ended,
Broken hearts had barely mended,
The voice of Hitler brought back fears,
Of war to last six more years.

Wars have been fought since time began,
Lately Korea, the Gulf, Ukraine, Syria Afghan,
Why can’t the powers that are able,
End these wars around a table?

Peace throughout the world would be,
Something everyone would like to see,
A world of love and giving,
For every person living.

Terry Fee from Thorngumbald wrote this poem and recited it at the Remembrance Service for those lost in the First World War, held at St Mary’s Church, Thorngumbald on Sunday. Terry’s poem is a deserving addition to our Wednesday Writings roll of poetry.

Did Terry inspire you to write your own poem or piece of creative writing? Become one of our Wednesday Writers!

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