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Open doors and windows – “Come on in!” invite to Burglars!

Open window

“Mr Burglar – Come on in!”

KEEP YOUR doors and windows secure, urge the local police.

Hedon accounts for over 50% of all reported crime across South West Holderness. Now that summer is with us people tend to get careless with regard to their home security, vehicle security and what they leave out in their gardens (toys, bikes and gardening equipment/tools) and thus can become easy victims of crime.

It may be hot at the moment and we all want that extra fresh air, but an open window or door can often be an invitation to opportunistic thieves who are then able to get into people’s homes without causing a disturbance.

Whilst we’re enjoying the weather in gardens and conservatories, then think about who might just walk in an open door and steal your property, or reach through or gain access via windows or patio doors.

Police UK SNENWindows and doors in homes, garages and sheds – and allotment sheds – need to be kept secure against uninvited visitors.

“Don’t risk becoming a victim of burglary – keep your windows and doors secure!” This is the message from local police officer PC Will Stephenson following his recent attendance at Hedon Town Council.

PC Stephenson also encouraged people to call the police if they see people acting suspiciously in their community, the police would rather turn up and interview a suspicious character and it turn out to be a false alarm – than miss stopping a crime in progress.

Humberside Police have Crime Prevention advice on their website.


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