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Indian Restaurant Opening Tuesday 15th July 2014

Zaika sign-001Zaika the town’s new Indian Restaurant looks set to open on Tuesday 15th July 2014, and the opening has been eagerly awaited by many local people who believe it will bring an exciting new dimension to the local wining and dining scene.

Apparently “Zaika” is a Urdu word meaning ‘tasty’. The new restaurant promises authentic Indian cuisine and is found at 32 St Augustine’s Gate (the former Alison Hall).

Enquiries 07939 941 533.

We wish the new restaurant well!


Note: It does seem that Zaika has hit upon a little snagging problem – it appears their lovely new sign doesn’t have planning permission! This will not affect the opening of the restaurant but will be something that the Hull-based owners will have to arrange retrospectively with the East Riding Council.

The Yellow letters illuminate as daylight fades

The Yellow letters “Heron Foods” illuminate as daylight fades

Another shops signage issue has also been noted this week – Heron Foods has just obtained planning permission to keep its internally illuminated fascia signs intact.

East Riding planning officers approved the planning application with the signs being “in-keeping with the character and appearance of the town centre conservation area”. The use of LED illumination was considered subtle and appropriate.

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  1. It’s nothing to do with the council being after a fee, rules about outside advertising in England are set out by the Secretary of State.
    Generally you will need planning permission for:
    Virtually all posters.
    Some illuminated signs.
    Some fascia signs and projecting signs where top edge is more than 4.6M above ground level.
    Most advertisements on gable ends.

  2. Good to see Business people having a go in such bad times. Lets hope all the people of Hedon give them the support they need, because remember if you don’t use it, you will loose it. Mr Ray Duffill shame you are already pointing fault, but does it really need planning? All they have done is change the name? The sign i.e. size lighting and bracket are exactly the same. Surely that doesn’t require planning??? O I know just the council after another fee!

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