Home & Away – Holderness in the Great War

UPDATE: Owing to the success of the exhibition, the closing date of ‘Home and Away – Holderness in the Great War’ has now been extended to Wednesday 3rd September 2014.
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EVERY VILLAGE in Holderness is remembered in the new World War One exhibition at Hedon Museum.

EY Regiment uniform and Lewis GunFrom Hedon in the west to Withernsea on the coast, every war memorial has been photographed and beautiful calligraphy records the names of all those who gave their lives in that terrible conflict of 1914 to 1918.

Hedon was a sleepy town then and the exhibition tells of how life changed for the families in Holderness. Alfred Robson, Tom Palmer, Jesse Lear, are just a few of the many men and women recorded in the display. Their story is told in illustrated panels round the Small Room, which show families, letters, postcards and much more. Nell Fewlass in her nurse’s uniform stands in one corner, whilst a soldier from the 4th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment stands guard with his rifle and trench spade..

Museum Exhibition Manager, Julie Marshall, said:

Exhibition Manager Julie Marshall

Preparing the Exhibition – Julie Marshall

“The Upstairs Gallery displays the names and memorials of the fallen from every village, beneath a beautiful painting of a poppy field. Round the room are posters, press cuttings, embroideries, medals, photographs and much more displayed in cases, whilst overhead flies a model zeppelin!

“Detailed research, particularly by Dr Martin Craven, and the keen co-operation of families throughout Holderness makes this an unmissable exhibition and Hedon Museum is proud to show our area’s contribution to that time in history.”


A GRAND OPENING of ‘HOME & AWAY’ was held in the TOWN HALL on Saturday 26th July 2014 at 10.30am.

The Exhibition was opened by Colonel Nigel Wilkinson, Commanding Officer of the Humberside & South Yorks Army Cadet Force, see “Hedon soldier who will not be forgotten!”

Col Nigel W Wilkinson

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  1. It would be interesting, particularly to myself personally, if readers of the popular ‘Hedon Blog’ could/would maybe? add their family memories/stories/facts of their relatives from the Hedon Area, who served in the World War 1.

    My two Grandads,who both who lived in Hedon, grandad Sgt Alfred Robson in George Street, and who was killed in 1915 in Belgium aged 32, leaving a wife and five children, and Sgt George Henry Ripley , lived in Baxtergate, He died in 1936, aged 54 (leaving a son and wife), in Hedon, after he was invalided out of the War after being gassed, together with a leg wound. He spent some time recovering in the Withernsea Convalescent Hospital, before he was eventually discharged home.

    Whilst he was recovering in Withernsea, George spent time embroidering two of his East Yorkshire Regimental badges, and these will be on show during the WW1 exhibition at the Hedon Museum Society running from Saturday 26th July until Wednesday 3rd September.

    Open each Saturday and Wednesday, from 10am until 4pm. Refreshments are available.

    Please come along and have a look!.


  2. A GRAND OPENING of ‘HOME & AWAY’ EXHIBITION will be held in the TOWN HALL (note – the Town Hall, not the Museum) on Saturday 26th July 2014 at 10.30am.

    The Exhibition will be opened by Col Nigel Wilkinson, Commanding Officer of the Humberside & South Yorks Army cadet Force.


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