Bell ringing Hedon tradition!

dodging bellsTHE SOUND of church bells ringing is something that reminds us that we live in rural Britain – it’s also a link with our past because bells have been rung for centuries to mark important occasions, whether that be the call to attend church, to mark a wedding – or as an alarm to rouse residents to action!

Bell ringing is also a great way to keep fit and helps stimulate those brain cells making it a therapeutic activity as well! It also produces a great sound – of course this might depend on where you live and when those bells are sounding!

Whatever your views it has been a compelling tradition in Hedon at St Augustine’s Church for generations as this photo reveals.

We suspect that most of the people in this photograph (if not all) will be identified – but we would really like your input to help us determine who’s who, and when the photo was taken.
Hedon Bell Ringers

We also republish this old photograph first published on the Hedon Blog last year (via Flickr to preserve the image quality of the copied photograph) and shows a handbell team outside St Augustine’s Church.

Again any information from Hedon Blog readers about the photograph would be much appreciated.
Handbells ringers St Augustine's Church, Hedon

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  1. Either 1948 or 1949.
    Re :- Bell Ringing.

    My brother- in- Law Len Straker (of Brid), tells me that in one of those years as above, along with seven other ringers, they rang a continous peal of “Grandsire Triples” using all eight bells in St Augustine’s Church belfrey.
    The eight ringers , including Len, being the Conductor Clem Glenn, Charles Barker, George Braithwaite, Len Daggitt, brothers Len and Harry Rodmell, plus a Beverley Grocer, whose name escapes him ! How long this pealing actually took, I am not aware…………………


  2. Although its not these bells show above, Keith Everingham has just informed me that they have just received notification that they have secure Heritage lottery funding of £10,000 towards the restoration of the St Augustines Church Hand Bells, well done to him and his associates


  3. Len Straker, who now lives in Brid – aged 90 – and as as a PC in Hedon, he used to lodge with the late Kath & Arthur Moody, was a Bell Ringer at Hedon Church in his younger days……………..


  4. I think that my late father, Hugh Alan Thompson is in the photograph (4th from left – appears to be the one wearing a tie!). He was a keen bell ringer and as far as I know was involved in the 1940s. We moved away from Hedon 1950 for a few years.
    Dorothy K Winter


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