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Poop Bag Dispenser pilot scheme

Poop scoop dispenserSCOOPING up that poop left from your dog is something that all responsible dog owners take seriously but there are occasions when the lack of a poop bag causes difficulties!

Hedon Town Council is intending to pilot the use of a Poop Bag Dispenser in one of the dog fouling hotspots in the town (location to be decided) which should mean that there should be no excuse for dog owners to clear up after their dogs.

The Poop Bag Dispenser system being promoted by Cheshire-based JRB Enterprises was spotted by Councillor David Thompson whilst on holiday and he brought the idea back as something that Hedon Town Council might be able to explore.

The aim is to significantly help reduce dog fouling problems by locating the dispenser where it can be easily seen by dog walkers. The company claim that the dispensers are fairly vandal resistant and, surprisingly, say that practice shows that they are very rarely abused.

Whilst there are certainly going to be critics who will say that clearing up after dogs should be the owner’s responsibility and not something funded out of the public purse; the trial of the system is likely to be watched eagerly by other town and parish councils across the East Riding – dog fouling and seeking ways to tackle the problem is something that is of universal concern!

A suitable site for the trial in Hedon is to be researched and brought back to the next meeting of the town council’s property committee. Subject to compliance with any necessary rules and regulations, the pilot scheme could start in the summer.

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  1. Does anybody know if the scheme seems to have had any effect up to this point? Seems to me like a positive step at least.

  2. I agree with Jim someone needs to be taken to court, if you look at the hedgerow between Elsie park and the small field at the rear of Fotherbie Garth, you will see many small plastic bags I assume full of dog dirt thrown and hanging in the hedge, when ten metres around the corner next to the Elsie gate there is a rubbish bin, it lazy people with no community conscience. It would help if anyone sees someone dumping dog poo bags to either say something to them or report them.

  3. I hope that I will be proved wrong Mr Editor at the end of the proposed Trial, but I suggest that the only change will be the removal of the excuse, not an increase of owners clearing up after their dogs.

    I suggest that Hedon Town Council strongly urge that the two County Councillors, who are also Town Councillors, request positive action from ERYC to apply the legislation to which they are empowered, to bring about a prosecution against’ one of the lazy owners who do not clean up after their dog or dogs.
    Bags are already freely provided.

    Extra Brownie points are available for anyone who remembers one prosecution being launched in this area since it became an offence to allow your dog to foul footpaths and not pick it up,

    The situation will unfortunately remain as it is at present, unless an example is made of one or more of the offenders by applying for the maximum amount of penalty available.

    • To be honest i walk my dog 2/3 times a day and pick up his poo all the time, today i was disgusted to see dog poo actually on a path near the road crossing on b1362 Fletcher Gate …. Makes me so angry that us responsable dog owners do our best to pick up but some people just couldn’t care less, makes us all look bad. Name and shame i say!

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