Keith Tindall benefit cricket match 1982

KEITH TINDALL played for Hull FC from 1971 to 1985. During 1982, in his testimonial year, he was involved in playing lots of benefit matches. One of these was a cricket match at South Holderness Cricket Club.

This marvellous slice of history at Middle Lane was captured on a photograph, sent to us by Malc Ripley, and shows Tindall’s team members for the match.

People will recognise some local faces, but also on the photograph front row (left to right) are other rugby league legends Lee Crooks and Clive Sullivan, with Keith Tindall in the centre and Kevin Harkin at the end.

Keith Tindall benefit cricket match002Back row: Barbara Screeton, Peter Ledgard, Sue Everingham (scorer), Roy Waudby,  John Rawlings, Bill Smith, Chris Harrison, Malc Ripley (umpire), Arthur Bunting, ??, Terry Tony Duke.
Front: Lee Crooks, Clive Sullivan, Keith Tindall, Carl SandersonAlf Macklin Kevin Harkin (see comment below).

As ever – if people can help put names to those currently unidentified by Malc, it would be much appreciated. With many thanks to Malc for keeping us entertained with his Ripley’s Reminiscences series.

PS: I’ve updated the names based on the comments below – thanks folks!

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  1. Ray, I work with Keith so we’ve just had a walk down memory lane 🙂 The blonde chap front right is Carl Sanderson. The tall chap, second right at the back was signed from Halifax. Name yet to be remembered.


  2. Just came to me. The tall guy in the shades is Peter Ledgard. He passed away suddenly about 15 yeas ago and his funeral was attended by more people than any other I’ve ever been to. A very highly respected person. He was Chair of the Hull F.C. Vice Presidents’.


  3. I think I can throw a little light on the blanks, Malc. I was at the match, and coincidentally was also a member of Hull FC’s Vice Presidents’ Association back then.
    Two of my VP colleagues are on the back row.
    The tall man with the shades is one of two brothers who were both members but I can’t recall their names. Kirkwood keeps coming to me but I’m not convinced that’s the right name.
    The younger one, two places along, and directly above Lee Crooks is another VP. by the name of John Rawlings. he owned the John Ford men’s fashion shops.
    Best regards


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