“News” on Eco Park for Hedon Aerodrome site

THE ECO PARK plan mooted for the Hedon Aerodrome site has taken another step forward according to the Hull Mail yesterday (HDM, 29th May 2014). However, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of this from other sources.

In July 2013 Hull City Council awarded sole-negotiating rights on the land to Chester-based Lateral Power who wish to build a biomass power plant, supplying power to an eco-park consisting of a fish-farm, agriculture units and a data storage facility.

Hedon Aerodrome site from the air

Copies of early conceptual plans seen by ex-Hedon Town Councillor Jim Lindop and by some others in the district’s sporting fraternity, revealed an ambition that was much broader in scope than originally imagined; utilising a great deal more land than just the Aerodrome site, incorporating a swathe of land from Staithes Road in the west to as far east as Fairfax Drive in Hedon.

A component part of the concept would involve the Eastside Sports Centre being demolished to make way for the development. A new sports ground would be built in the north-eastern part of the site. Agents acting on behalf of Lateral Power would obviously be very keen to recruit the support of local sports groups representatives for the development. A pledge to improve local sporting facilities would be very appealing.

However, no formal consultation on any conceptual plans has taken place. And although the company formed in March 2013 to manage the project , Lateral Eco Parks Hull Ltd, has filed an annual return to Companies House this year and registered a change of address (still in Chester), there is no other evidence of the company’s activity.

The only planning application currently being considered by East Riding of Yorkshire Council in relation to the Hedon Aerodrome land is by Kingston Welding who already occupy the area (their address is listed as Airport Garage, Hull Road, Hedon). That application is to erect two new factory units resulting in only a small 206sqm expansion of their current space.

Hull City Council may own the Hedon Aerodrome land but developments there, but they need consent from East Riding Council planners. No planning application from Lateral Power has been submitted.

Additionally, Hull City Council have assured the public via the Hull Mail that there will be timely public consultation on any developments at the Aerodrome site – and while that newspaper says a ‘deal is close to completion’ – there can be no ‘deal’ until the local community has been consulted.

The Hedon Blog – which is widely read in Hedon and district with around 1,000 visitors each week, making an average of 5,000 weekly page views – offers the opportunity to Lateral Power and/or other potential developers to use our web pages to reach local people with ideas and concepts. Early discussion of these must surely be a positive thing for all parties concerned and help scotch unwarranted rumours and concerns from spreading.

The Hull Mail may be a bit premature in suggesting that a deal is near to completion, but the story does now provide an opportunity for interested parties to give a genuine update.

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  1. Thanks for the latest info Rena, very well researched! It’s very interesting to hear that our racecourse got a mention in Parliament way back then.

    It’s all gone quiet as far as the proposed bio-mass plant/cucumber/fish farm proposal is concerned, and I suspect it’s because the developers have delayed submitting their application until the outcome of the Hull City Council’s appeal against the East Riding’s Local Plan is determined. i raised the question a week or so back at a Local Plan Briefing at County Hall. Senior ERYC planning officers seem comfortable with this, saying they felt the Government Inspector (during the recent public inquiry) was ‘sympathetic’ to their stance on having the racecourse/aerodrome land excluded.

    We must remember of course that Hull CC has also proposed building 450 houses at the Hedon end of the field, which would presumably be at the back of Princes Avenue,Farrand Road and the cemetery. What that would do to the town’s flood alleviation plans i dread to think!

    There are to be a further 6 weeks of consultation during March and April, and the Inspector’s Report will be issued in June (ish). Adoption of the Local Plan which is to determine planning policy for the whole of the East Riding until 2029, will take place during the summer.

    In the meanwhile, Ray, can you update us on your Freedom of Information request. Maybe the Hull CC can be asked to show us their deeds, which may (or may not) contain restrictions as to the future use of the land.

    John P. Dennis, F.R.I.C.S.

    668th Mayor of Hedon
    ERYC Ward Member for S.W.Holderness


    • The Freedom of Information request was partially successful. Of the 298 pages sent including the Agreement between Hull City Council and Hull Eco Park Ltd, four pages were redacted which included the update on works completed.

      Hull Council said:

      We acknowledge that it is important for residents to be properly informed
      and consulted on proposals which may affect them. However we also believe
      that it is not appropriate to release details of these proposals until
      they have been finalised prior to the planning application.

      We therefore believe that at this time the public interest in releasing
      this information is outweighed by the public interest in allowing the
      Council and its partner to agree the proposed use of the site which it is
      hoped will bring significant jobs and investment to the area.

      The information is available at at:


  2. Today, I found that land mentioned in a Parliamentry entry in Hansard – looks like it caused a previous owner a few problems: I found Hedon Racecourse was mentioned in Parliament’s Hansard: “HEDON RACECOURSE.
    HC Deb 21 June 1916 vol 83 cc142-3W 143W
    § Sir ALFRED GELDER asked the Under-Secretary of State for War if he is aware that the military authorities have taken possession of the Hedon Racecourse, near Hull, under the Defence of the Realm Regulations, 1914; that they have paid no rent for such occupation since October, 1915; that the owner of such estate is being pressed by her mortgagees, who have got a foreclosure order made against her and are now pressing for the same to be made absolute, the Master in Chancery expressing his intention of making such order absolute, notwithstanding the provisions of the Courts (Emergency Powers) Act, 1914, which Act the military authorities have given the owner notice he must take advantage of; if any steps will be taken by the War Office to prevent the Courts of Chancery taking such drastic action as making a foreclosure order absolute at a time like this and so prevent a landowner from losing his land owing to the action of the military authorities; and if the War Office is prepared to give any relief to the landowner in such a case?
    § Mr. FORSTER This property was originally hired from a Mr. Emerson under an agreement which was terminated by him by notice on 18th October, 1915. Since that date it has been occupied under the Defence of the Realm Consolidation Regulations, 1914. No formal claim for compensation in connection with the continued occupation has yet been made to the Defence of the Realm Losses Commission either by Mr. Emerson or the mortgagee. It is understood that the foreclosure order had been obtained by the mortgagee before the original hiring agreement was entered into. The matter is not one in which the Department can intervene at the present stage.


  3. The deadline for response by Hull City Council to the Freedom of Information request was today (Thurs 16th October 2014). The Information Governance Team at Hull City Council have sent the following response:

    With regard to your Freedom of Information request received on 18
    September 2014. In accordance with section 10(3) of the Freedom of
    Information Act a public authority is entitled to an additional amount of
    time to consider the Public Interest Test. In this case it is estimated
    that we will require up to a further 11 working days to weigh up the
    relevant public interest in disclosure and non-disclosure of this

    So that will make it the 31st October before we should expect a reply to the request.

    Information about the “Public Interest Test” referred to above is available on the Information Commissioner’s website at:


  4. It’s all gone quiet on this proposal to develop an Eco Park, probably until the Commission of Inquiry on the Hull City Council boundaries has met. However, Lateral Power presumably have 10 months on their sole negotiating rights still to run?

    Therefore, by way of a prompt to Hull City Council and an attempt to gain some information, I have sent the following Freedom of Information request:

    Could you please provide an update on progress on Hull City
    Council’s work with Lateral Power or Lateral Eco Parks Hull Ltd.

    In July 2013 it was widely reported in the media that Hull City
    Council awarded sole-negotiating rights to Chester-based Lateral
    Power to investigate a proposal to develop land at and around a
    site to the East of Hull known as the ‘old Hedon aerodrome’.

    In the interests of public accountability could Hull City Council
    provide an update on its contract or agreement with Lateral Power,
    consisting of;

    1. a copy of that contract or agreement;
    2. copies of progress reports from Lateral Power and the council’s
      contract or agreement manager (I understand that commercially
      sensitive information will be redacted);
    3. An indication of schedule being worked towards if not covered by
      1 and 2 above.
    4. Copies of any conceptual plans or artistic impressions regarding
      the project.


    Yours faithfully,

    Ray Duffill


  5. It suddenly occurred to me that there may be a danger to our Yorkshire countryside due to the developers of the aerodrome’s “Eco Park” proposing to import tons of timber from Canada. We have had “ash tree die back” imported into this country and most recently “Sudden Oak Death” has hit the news and I see that this latter disease has been reported in western Canada.

    This is a serious disease affecting species of trees caused by a fungal-like organism. Apparently “sudden oak death” is able to survive in plant material dropped to the ground, also infecting the soil and making it easily transported on boots, vehicles and animals. The pathogen thrives in cool wet climates with optimum growth at 20°C.

    This is what the UK government scientists have to say: <>



  6. too right it should be preserved , im sick of hull council thinking they can take over everything, .() Lets take over every bit of greenery and turn into industrial site), NO WAY


  7. Maybe HCC are conducting the “public consultation” with their own constituents?
    For they will be hard pressed to get us in Hedon to go along with their scheme.


  8. I would love to see it turned into a park and heritage centre. It would be great to have a sensory museum there,such as upstairs in the street life museum in hull where they have the smells and sounds of the past in the back ground as people go around, and different scenes that would have been around in every day life. Events could also be held there. But they are my personal thoughts.


  9. It might be worth looking at the original deeds to the sale of the land, which was to be specifically used for entertainment purposes only, e.g. horse racing, then a flying club.


  10. Having visited the aerodrome to watch Geoff Duke scrambling and watched the territorial army practice parachuting down amongst the grazing cows, I thought I knew how large the aerodrome was. Having viewed an online 1903 map I can see just how wrong I was as it spreads from the east, up to Preston and right across the north of Hedon.
    This is the url for the map
    which can also be aqccessed from this webpage (sorry the link is so long):-;jsessionid=E4BE91F8AA07C21FEB867EB3214E9FD8?layer=europe&xMin=3333160.75763&yMin=3013447.13504&xMax=3370160.75763&yMax=3050447.13504


  11. I have every intention of fighting this!
    I would love to see that area and its history promoted. How did Hull ever get their hands on it ?


  12. We should form a group to preserve this. Any historians about? Amy Johnson landed here years back and the history attached to it should be made the campaign focus!


  13. Sick of hull council trying to force the hand of the East Riding council! Go re-develop some of the areas in hull which have been left derelict! They won’t be happy till we don’t have a blade of grass left


  14. I don’t think anyone is in favour of this development apart from Hull City Council, no wonder they’re trying to get their hands on Hedon.

    There must be a green buffer between the industrial areas of East Hull and Hedon/Preston.


  15. When will planners be happy? when every bit of open space in and around Hedon and Preston has gone? the aerodrome and racecourse should be preserved and developed sympathetically (a park for instance).


  16. Any Developers for this site need to be aware, The people of Hedon will not take this without a real fight,we have had enough of being Hulls dumping ground for unwanted projects from the west.


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