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Local Transport survey for Hedon

HEDON TOWN COUNCIL is seeking views on its local transport service proposal – and we’ve reproduced the online form here for easy response (we will forward all responses to Hedon Town Council – but you still might want to respond directly to the council yourself):

Local-Transport-Slip001_thumb.jpgLOCAL TRANSPORT FOR HEDON

Hedon Town Council is considering a local transport service for Hedon in order to help alleviate the town’s chronic traffic and parking problems. It is anticipated that this service will start and finish at the Co-operative store in the Hedon Market Place, serving Inman’s Estate, Leaf Sail Farm and Holderness Grange/Drapers Lane area, operating at a frequency of 20 minutes on a “hail and ride” basis. It is hoped that this could be timed to coincide with school “drop off” and “pick up” times.

Subject to cost, budget and impact on precept this service would be free at the point of use. Typically, for this service to be free, it would mean circa 55 pence per household per week on the Hedon Town Council precept (council tax bill for Hedon).

Hedon Town Council would very much like to receive your views on this proposal and would be grateful if you could complete the reply slip (included as an insert in the Holderness Heartbeat) and return it to Hedon Town Council at the Town Hall, St Augustine’s Gate, Hedon HU12 8EX – alternatively you could e-mail your comments to

Thank you for taking the time to respond. 

Note after successfully submitting the form you should see the following message: Message sent (go back) followed by a summary of your submission..

To be completed by Hedon residents only please.

This online survey is now CLOSED (22nd June 2014).