Hedon Penny Throwing 2014

Pennies 2PENNIES will be raining down from high in Hedon on Thursday 15th May 2014 when the new Town Mayor throws the Mayoral pennies to local children!

Councillor John Dennis will be formally appointed as the 668th Mayor of Hedon at the ‘Mayor-making’ ceremony at the Town Hall on Thursday 15th May 2012 – and in keeping with tradition his first official act will be to lead the proceedings at the Hedon Penny Throwing event.

The Penny Throwing event is one of the most peculiar events in Hedon’s civic calendar. Steeped in history, it is a parody of the days when Hedon was a ‘rotten borough’ with people being offered money to vote for a particular Mayoral candidate. Following their appointment the incumbent Mayor would pay-off his supporters.

Today the event is a real family fun occasion with children being thrown pennies by the new Mayor and the town’s civic leaders and their guests.

Children should get to Hedon Town Hall for 7:00pm.

Sgt ot the Mace - What is that Mister

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  1. Wow great to see the penny throwing tradition is still going strong – I’m nearly 60 and moved away from Hedon when I was 22 but I always will be a Hedon lass! BTW hedonblog is fantastic, keep up the good work.


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