Open Gardens and Scarecrows – in miniature!

THERE are more than ten Open Gardens currently being displayed at Hedon Museum, and a large number of Scarecrows too. But the town’s museum hasn’t suddenly become Doctor Who’s TARDIS with its interior being larger than its exterior – instead all the exhibits are tiny, having being reproduced in miniature by members of Fantasia Miniatures.

Christine Scott and Models at Hedon Museum

Christine Scott has been a member of the Hull-based modelling club for 20 years. She got involved after becoming interested in making her own doll’s house and then hearing about the club on local radio. She has been an enthusiastic member ever since and is now the Club Leader.

“I realised early on that I didn’t just want to get things already made, but wanted to make my own! Whilst we use lots of ‘fimo’, which is a kind of plasticine-type clay which is baked, to model items in miniature, we also use lots of everyday items to recreate things. It’s amazing what use you might make of screw-caps!” she says, pointing to examples on the displays where these have been used and decorated to become something completely different!

Modelling appeals to a wide range of people and the Club has members from across the Hull and East Riding area from ages 12 to people in their 70s.

The exhibition is on at the Hedon Museum on Wednesdays and Saturdays until Saturday 17th May 2014 see: Big exhibition of little things!

Who knows – perhaps your visit to the exhibition will inspire a life-long passion in you for miniature modelling!?

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