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Planning Application – to attract high quality business to Watmough’s Arcade

HEDON Town Council meets on Thursday 10th April 2014. Amongst the issues under consideration, are:


Glenvern Investments

Glenvern Investments office suites

Glenvern Investments, of Watmough’s Arcade, have applied for planning permission for a change of use of the Hedon Carpets and Beds store, which they own, into an area that potentially could be used for many different types of businesses.

Glenvern Investments Company currently manage self-contained office suites from their premises next door and have indicated that they wish to offer the tenancy of the unit at 5 Watmough’s Arcade to as wide a section of the business community as possible. In their supporting statement to the planning application, it says: “Our aim is to attract a high quality, experienced tenant who is able to provide a service that will enhance the general desirability and viability of Hedons important central commercial area.”

Note: Hedon Carpets and Beds is moving to a smaller location in the town centre.


The emptying of litter bins on the skate park is on the agenda after being raised at a previous committee meeting See: Hedon Blog – A Bin too far!

The ongoing saga of the Town Hall Hearing Loop is also under discussion! Mr Jim Uney, a hearing aid user, gave his own whimsical look at this issue back in February: Have you heard the one…

The Council meeting starts at 7:15pm at the Town Hall and is open to the public.

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