Boundary Referendum

East Riding or Kingston Upon Hull? Poll

Referendum mock up

WE ARE continuing to run our straw poll across the weekend and it will close on Sunday night (6th April 2014). The background to the poll is explained on our article: Referendum – Councillors call to resist ‘Greater Hull’.

This poll is the same one published in that article, so if you have already voted, you will not be able to do so again.

Thank you to those that have contacted the Hedon Blog to suggest that the Straw Poll is really too simple with its ‘in’ or ‘out’ choice.

Critics say that there are many permutations to how the benefits of economic expansion might be managed in the region, which presumably will be discussed at the public inquiry to be held during the summer. Ideas include having one local authority for Hull and East Yorkshire, or even one authority for the whole of the Humber region.

However, the purpose of this poll is to quickly gauge local reaction to the suggestion that Hedon might be included in an expanded city of Hull.

Please share widely with other Hedon folk, friends and neighbours in the town.

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