Wednesday Writings – THE WRITER

THE WRITER by Janet Bucknall

His brow was creased in concentration
You could almost see the sentences flowing from head to hand
Like water rushing headlong down a drain.
At last the writer threw his pen down with a flourish,
His creation was finished, ready for other eyes to view.
The young man was proud of his handiwork,
And lovingly prepared it to be sent away
To a place where it waited. Till someone savaged it,
And sent it back, torn and bleeding.
With a note, which baldly said, “It will not do”.

Oh! How it hurt to read those words.
Which made a mockery of all his hard work.
Days and nights of fevered creation,
Made into nothing by cruel rejection.
But his strength and self-belief
Overcame his sorrow, and off the manuscript went again,
And again, and again and again!

Until, at last, someone with imagination and insight
Saw what a precious jewel was glittering among the usual muck,
And now the writer has been acknowledged and all his efforts rewarded.
His beautiful, complex story, that lived within his heart for so long,
Has been transformed into an object of delight – a book!

Anyone who has submitted words for publication will emphasise with this insightful poem by Janet and will understand the “hurt” of “cruel rejection”.

Janet attends a writing group that meets once a month at Hedon Library – It is hoped she tells her fellow writers that she has had her poem published; and in a place where “imagination and insight” is not only acknowledged but loved. 😀

Did Janet inspire you to pen your own poem or creative writing? Become one of our Wednesday Writers!

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