Hedon Fancy Dress in 1938

MORE Ripley’s Reminiscences this morning with this photograph of a local Fancy Dress party outdoors that took place in 1938….

Hedon Fancy Dress party

The ‘cast’ – those known to Malc:

No 1 — Mary Abblett, nee Robson, lived in George Street.
No 2 — Bessie Long , nee Robson, with Colin, Baxtergate.
No 3 — Elizabeth Robson, became Abblett after being widowed in WW1. George Street.
No 4 — Phyillis Robson nee Adamson, Elder Grove, then George Street.
No 5 — Peter Robson.
No 6 — Joan Robson.
No 7 — Ken Abblett.
No 8 — with her hair parted – Molly Heron became Bottomley.
No 10 — Miss Hosdell.

As ever, can anyone help Malc put names to the Unknowns?

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