E-petition to East Riding of Yorkshire Council to make the road safer outside SHTC

hedon-bloge-petition Regular users of the car park at South Holderness Technology College during peak times will know how problematic the design of it can be, leading to further congestion along the road from Hedon to Preston.

I have thought of a way that will hopefully help the situation and have started an e-petition to outline to the council a way of improving safety in the area for both vehicles and pedestrians.

For more details see the petition and if you agree please sign it.

E-petition to East Riding of Yorkshire Council

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  1. I agree its very dangerous around the school at leaving time, its the same at Inmans school as well, i understand the need for changes but would also question the amount of parents picking kids up in cars, what has changed so much that kids cant walk home like we did, and at inmans surely parents could walk up and pick there kids up or certainly most could.

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