Wednesday Writings – Song of the crocophants and elediles

Song of the crocophants and elediles by Peter Ainscough

The EledileIn ancient times there live an eledile
That fed on squirrels and on crocophants.
It mostly lived along the river nile,
Where grazed the buzz birds and the giant ants.

Then in Octember, all the swallows gone,
The rainy season drowned the crocophants;
And though they hunted everywhere they found not one
And had to dine on squirrel aliments.

The trouble with that diet will be clear,
Since all the squirrels dwell in northern lands;
The government did not let them come near
The nile, its waters, mud and burning sands.

CrocophantThat’s why today my serious, studious, child
You will not find a single elidile
Along the reaches of the river nile
Nor crocophants in serried ranks and file.

Ah! Curious are the ways of mother earth;
Mysterious too are all the ways of God,
Who never brought a crocophant to birth
Nor elediles to crawl through river mud!

A funnymals poem by Peter – and a challenge to get an image of a crocophant or eledile! Can anyone out there draw one of these beasties!?

With many thanks to Peter’s daughter Rachael and grandaughter Leah who between them have drawn these fantastical drawings of an Eledile and Crocophant!

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