Ahh…. Spring must be on its way!

Snowdrops Elsie Gate Field

Marvellous display of Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) in Elsie Gate Field

The display of snowdrops in Elsie Gate Field down Ivy Lane is really beautiful. Since the Hedon Town Council took over the site last year, it has been cleared and opened up for better public viewing. If such displays existed in previous years, they must have been hidden from view.

Crocus Jubilee Gardens

Crocus at Jubilee Gardens – New Road / Farrand Road, Hedon

More crocus

More crocus

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  1. What’s happened to Elsie Gate? I walked past it yesterday and it looks like it has been hit by a car. It’s really badly damaged and lots of broken glass around. Both the main gate and the kissing gate are damaged. I also noticed lots of skid marks at the bottom of Ivy lane near the gate and cemetery.


  2. Hi
    This is from the Hedon Town Council website:
    ELSIE GATE FIELD was a piece of land that was taken into charitable ownership in the 1980′s in order to preserve it and prevent private developers from building on the site.

    The charity established in 1985 to secure the preservation of the land was called the Hedon Preservation Society. Last year, the three surviving charitable trustees, Mr John Page, Mr John Bamford and Councillor Mr Neil Black, offered to transfer the site to Hedon Town Council.

    Following debate amongst Councillors it was agreed that Hedon Town Council become the sole charitable trustee for the Hedon Preservation Society (which also has the working name of the Hedon Navigation Trust).

    Hedon Town Council is now the sole Trustee of the charity and is responsible for Elsie Gate Field.

    The Council is also a Trustee of the Painter’s Charity and, along with five other trustees, is responsible for the upkeep of the Painter’s Cottages on Souttergate.


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