Join Holderness Grange Choir!

Holderness Grange Choir

HOLDERNESS GRANGE CHOIR is based in Hedon at the Holderness Grange Lifestyle Village on Draper’s Lane and meets every Tuesday evening for practice. The Choir has a wide age range of singers and they are always looking for new people – especially men.

Suzanne Lenton from the Choir tell’s us more:

“We meet for rehearsal every Tuesday night at 7pm until about 9.30pm. Our musical director Gill Hanslip is really good, and we have an excellent pianist Claire.

“The ages of the choir range from 13 to 80, approximately 40 members – but only 6 men! We are desperate for more tenor and bass voices and would welcome anyone interested as well as more female singers.

“If you like singing and can carry a tune, our choir is for you. You don’t have to be able to read music as all levels are catered for.

“Just ring Gill on Tel 01482 893910 and after a small chat you will have a short audition, and if successful will see which section to place you in.

“We are waiting for your call. Our SUMMER CONCERTS are 29th June and 1st July (2014) and we have 20 songs to perform….if you are a quick learner you could join now, in time for the concerts!”

Find out more about Holderness Grange Choir on Facebook at The Holderness Grange Choir and Twitter at @ChoirHedon.

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