Facebook – Over 1,000 ‘like’ the Hedon Blog page

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FACEBOOK – people seem to love it, or loathe it!

Facebook sqBUT… people seem to like the Hedon Blog Facebook Page – we’ve got over 1,000 ‘likes’ now (actually 1,045 at 9:30am, Sat 15th Feb).

We want our Facebook Fans to join us on conversations here on the ‘actual’ Hedon Blog too! But we understand that people will prefer to comment on, and debate issues in, the forum that they find most comfortable!

However, you can use your Facebook details to log in and comment on the Blog (and your comment will display your Facebook profile image).

You can also use the sharing buttons at the bottom of each article and share an article on Facebook too.

One of our most popular articles on Facebook with 724 shares, was a message from Hedon policeman Bob Pyle in December 2013 on Parcel Delivery Fraud.

If you have friends in the local area (Hedon and wider Holderness) who are on Facebook but haven’t yet joined our page – then please invite them!


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  1. This is a comment using my Facebook account…. okay, I know it’s the same picture of me! I’m boring that way!

    If you look at my name, it is highlighted – if you click a highlighted name of someone leaving a comment via their facebook account, then the link takes you to their Facebook page!

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