Visit Hedon (and area) – a promotional website?

A WORD from the HEDON BLOGGER:  What do you think about the idea of starting a new Hedon website to promote the town to visitors and tourists?

Visit Hedon

The Visit Hedon website would aim at attracting visitors to the town and surrounding areas who would be encouraged to eat, drink, shop and sleep here, whilst discovering our history, visitor attractions and charm.

The town and surrounding villages have lots to offer the visitor (walkers, day-trippers, tourists, history enthusiasts, dining, etc) – and this new website would promote that offer.

The website would promote local attractions and nearby facilities, and perhaps include a series of interactive tourist and heritage trails. It would need to be a portal where a potential visitor could find out anything and everything about their planned trip to the area.

To be successful Visit Hedon would have to be an attractive website, perhaps professionally designed, and organised on commercial lines relying on local advertising in order to pay for itself. It would need some of the best photographic images of the town and surrounding villages, perhaps professionally commissioned.

Funding every year would have to be found for an attractive brochure which would be sent to local tourist agencies and information centres.

The website would have to develop ways to measure its progress in boosting the visitor numbers and local economic activity.

I would be very interested in hearing the thoughts of Hedon Blog readers on this idea? It would be a big project and relying on a partnership approach with the involvement of many organisations, agencies, enthusiastic individuals and volunteers to make it happen.

However, with both money and time being tight – I would not want to embark on trying to pull this together without knowing that moral and potential financial supporters would be behind the idea.

Ray Duffill
Photo: Neil Holmes

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  1. This is the first time I’ve ever come across this site and I think it’s excellent. Putting Hedon onto the internet can only be a good thing for the town and its economy. A big thumbs up from me.

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