Parcel Delivery Fraud Warning from Neighbourhood Police

Police UK SNENFOLLOWING his successful message in the summer, warning us about opportunistic burglars and the need to keep property secure, local policeman PC Bob Pyle has issued another public warning advising residents about a new scam:

Over the last week a new fraud has been uncovered in Humberside. The fraud is as follows:-

Elderly (vulnerable) victims are receiving parcels containing high valued goods. A foreign sounding male is then calling the occupant saying that a parcel has been wrongly delivered to their address and that a courier would attend at their address to collect the parcel. The victim is asked to send the parcel to another address.

It is believed that the offenders are setting up credit agreements in the victim’s name, having the parcel delivered, but then arranging for the parcel to be sent back to an allocated address, leaving the victim with an outstanding debt.

PC Bob Pyle
Hedon Neighbourhood Policing Team

We ask local residents to please share this information, make people aware, especially our senior citizens, and report anything suspicious to the police immediately.

A useful website to visit about all-types of fraud is Action Fraud, which is the UK’s national fraud reporting centre where you should report cases of scams and frauds.


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