Wednesday Writings – East and West

Hedon Poet David Thompson hits the big time!

David will be performing this poem at The Humber Mouth Festival in Hull on Friday and at the Rugby World Cup match England v Fiji being held at the KC Stadium on Saturday!

Well done David!

East and West by David Thompson

I came to cross the great divide,
That stops the traffic at high tide,
With border guard who glowered down,
At anyone from east of town,

“Across this bridge you shall not pass,
You come from Rovers land alas”,
I said “you must please understand,
I come from far beyond that land”,

“You`ve come down Hedon Road” said he,
“That`s good enough for me,
For all the traffic from Hull east,
It`s six months quarantine at least”,

“Oh dear”, said I my plans undone,
“It`s Hull FC and Warrington”,
And then said I to my chagrin,
“It`s my turn to get them in!”

David tells us: “I am a West Hull expat – raised in West Hull – the land of Hull FC – my brothers never let me forget that I moved East of the river, and then beyond to Hedon. So I penned these satirical few verses…”

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