Shop Watcher – August 2013

Co-operative Hedon rooftopOUR Food Prices exercise during 2013 continues – Butter has dropped down to its January price again. I’m nineteen pence better off this month than in January! …I’ve put that towards the price increase on the yoghurt – but that’s another story!

Carrots were 75p – but on the day I visited lots of bags near their sell-by dates were being sold off at a reduced 55p a 500g bag.

In this continuing year of austerity, shopping carefully has become essential – particularly for those families on a tight budget. Our Price Watcher exercise is following the prices of four staple food items in the Big Co-op on Hull Road. Note: These are often different from prices in the smaller Co-op Store in Hedon’s Market Place which charges convenience shop rates for the same items in many cases.

Prices in August 2013 (second week of the month):

Item Price August 2013 Change from last month Change since Jan 2013
Milk – Co-op 1 pint  £0.50p    
Margarine – I can’t believe it’s not butter (500g)  £1.00  -0.80  
Bread – Co-op Wholemeal (800g)  £0.95    +0.06
*Carrots – Co-op (500g)  £0.75   
Totals  £3.20

Carrot Prices remain the most changeable factor in this exercise so far. Prices in 2013:

  • Jan – 50p – 500g (This was a 50% offer price so we listed £1 as our bench mark in January – which in hindsight was a mistake!)
  • Feb – £1 – 500g
  • Mar – 50p – 500g
  • Apr – 85p – 750g (free 50% extra offer)
  • May – 90p – 600g
  • June – 88p – 600g
  • July – 75p – 500g
  • August – 75p – 500g

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