Lord Prescott in Hedon to make the case for Renewable Energy

John Prescott

Lord Prescott – Campaigner

JOHN PRESCOTT will be speaking at a Public Meeting in the Alexandra Hall, Hedon on the locally controversial issue of the Renewable Energy industries.

George McManus, Parliamentary Spokesman for Beverley and Holderness Labour Party said: “Whether it’s wind turbines, biomass generators or soaring electricity prices, there’s never a day passes when renewable energy doesn’t make the news. The issue will bring John Prescott to Hedon where he’ll address the public on the issue for which he has long been a standard bearer.”

The former Deputy Prime Minister and MP for East Hull, has campaigned for direct action to deal with the issues related to Climate Change and was one of the architects behind the international Kyoto protocol. But he will be attending the meeting in Hedon at a time when local passions have been roused by the announcements that renewable industry developments could erode the green space between Hedon and Hull, and between Hedon and Paull.

Mr McManus, however has emphasised the job-creation aspects of such developments, he said, “We’re delighted that John will be joining us in Hedon. Climate Change is a major issue for us all. Wind turbines, onshore or offshore are always controversial. With the potential for massive investment which could bring thousands of jobs to the area, it’s the right time to discuss the matter. I urge people to come along.”

Alexandra Hall on St Augustine’s Gate in Hedon.
Saturday 20th July 2013
The meeting will be under the auspices of Beverley and Holderness Labour Party
Doors will open at 10am for a 10.30am start.

Anyone wishing to guarantee a place should contact Beverley and Holderness Labour Party constituency secretary, Judy Dickinson at e-mail or on telephone 01964 542593.

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