Results of recent Blog Polls

WE PUBLISH the results of two recent Hedon Blog polls (click images for larger results graphs):

1. Farmers’ Market – At the end of May 2013 we asked people what they thought about the idea of a regular weekly Farmers’ Market on Neat Marsh Road in Preston. 124 people voted with 98% saying that they would use it. We will be sending the results of the poll and associated comments to Mr Delaney who hopes to implement the project subject to a planning application.

Farmers' Market Poll

2. We asked readers where they lived in March. 180 voted, but still indicates that we have lots more work to do to reach more readers across the town! The majority of our readers who took part in the poll come from Inmans, with the second largest group of readers coming from outside of Hedon.

Where do you live Poll

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