Flash floods – Report blocked drains!

Sandbags Church Lane

SANDBAGS were placed at doorways and gates by some Hedon householders on Thursday 13th June 2013 as a flash thunderstorm led to water flowing down many streets. The fierce storm also cut the power to some areas of the town and was actually quite a frightening experience to many astraphobes. Astraphobia – Fear of Thunder and Lightning!

Fix My Street image of recent report

Fix My Street image of recent report

Such flash flooding is not uncommon in Hedon, and the predictions are that climate change will lead to even more extreme weather events in the future. So perhaps it is timely, once again, to raise the issue  of Hedon’s drainage system: Is it up to the job? Could it deal with floodwaters on the scale of a 2007-type event? The answer is obviously No!

The amount of standing water left behind after Thursday’s storm is indicative that our drains are not coping well. One of the things that we can do, is report those drains where there is obviously a blockage.

By using Fix My Street to report these, it should be possible to publicly track those parts of the town where residents perceive a problem – and log a request for some remedial action by the East Riding Council.

A few minutes spent now, just might help our drains cope better the next time nature throws the heavens down upon us!?

Visit: Fix My Street

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  1. These photos have been sent in by an irate member of the public annoyed at this mini-bus driver who purposely created a bow-wave that led to water sloshing into the shops and over people’s feet during the flash flooding!

    We have been told the police have been informed!
    photo (1)

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