Wednesday Writings

Wednesday Writings – Marsh Harrier

Marsh Harrier by Peter Ainscough

The hawk was seen on a summer’s day,
Lazily circling over the marsh.
The harsh sun glares on us as we stare
And dare to wait and watch a while.
Here is a bird intent on its prey
On the marsh, on a summer’s day.

It circles awhile then is joined by a mate.
We wait. Together they fly for prey.
Their eyes, attentive to needs of their kind,
Soar on the wind and wait for their prey
On the marsh, on a summer’s day.

God made the wind and the sun and the day.
He provides the air and provisions the prey
For the bird He made to fly in the sun,
Awaiting the moment when it will be done,
When the prey is sighted, the dive is made,
The talons are locked and the kill complete.
Then he soars aloft with the dead in his feet
To feed himself, his mate, his young
To last the day, for the night is long –
His victory cry is his terrible song
On the marsh on a summer’s day.

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