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Extreme weather, pandemic flu, flooding… What would you do in an emergency?

Household Emergency Plan imageKEEPING SAFE in an emergency is the theme of an advice leaflet issued recently by Hedon Town Council.

The leaflet lists the risks that residents could be exposed to:

  • Severe Weather – Extreme cold temperatures, heavy snow and ice. 
  • Pandemic Influenza – A new strain of flu where we have no immunity.
  • Industrial Accident – An explosion or release from an industrial site.
  • Flooding – River, surface water or sea surge flooding.

The above list is not exhaustive – we would add extreme heat-waves to the risk scenario as well – and I’m sure that readers can add their own suggestions of emergencies that we might face as a town population. But the point the advice leaflet makes, is that preparations made now, could help you and your family keep safe if an emergency occurs.

The leaflet lists things that can be done now to prepare for emergency situations.

  • Get insured. Take out appropriate insurance to protect your property.
  • Find an ‘ICE’ (In Case of Emergency) partner: This is the simple task of storing the names of the person/people you would like to be contacted in the event of an emergency. You might store these names in your mobile phone or smart device, as well as physically in a fire-proof container. There is a standard practice of storing such details in the fridge.
  • Create a ‘Go Bag’: Those who suffer chronic ill-health are used to the idea of having a pre-packed bag ready in case of a sudden trip to the hospital. In the same way, think about having all your basic necessities together in a small bag in an easy accessible place. If you have to be evacuated, or move somewhere quickly in an emergency, then such a ‘Go Bag’ might be essential.
  • Tune in: In an emergency then up-to-date information will be essential. In an emergency, unless otherwise directed, you should stay indoors and tune in to Radio Humberside on 95.9 FM or 1485 AM.

The advice leaflet distributed by the Town Council in the last edition of the Holderness Heartbeat is not meant to be alarmist, merely to encourage people to ‘think the un-thinkable’ and to make at least some basic preparations in case of emergency.

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  1. Perhaps an e-leaflet covering emergency advice can be made available on the Town Council’s website so that print and paper costs are avoided.

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