Escaped Ostrich beer bucket appeal

A PRIZE-WINNING OSTRICH escaped from a Brevere Road aviary this morning and made a dash for freedom along the railway track towards Preston!

A bird similar in appearance to Wally

A bird similar in appearance to Wally

The bizarre scene ensued at dawn this morning, when automatic bird scarers frightened the 35-year-old bird, called Wally, and it kicked through the cage door and hopped over the garden fence! Owner Reg DeBeer says he is really worried about the bird: “We have only recently moved to Hedon from Loughborough and Wally doesn’t yet know his way around. We’re all afraid he might get lost and not find his way back home!”

According to Mr DeBeer the Ostrich has escaped before from his enclosure, but is very friendly. “Wally is a house-trained bird and we’ve had him since he was an egg. He’s very shy of strangers and animals. He is however very fond of brown ale and when he’s escaped in the past when we lived in Loughborough, he’s always made his way to the local pub where regulars would put out a bucket of ale for him.”

Mr DeBeer has asked the police to join the search for Wally and is asking residents to keep a look out for him. He says he will contact the pub landlords at The Station and The Cock & Bell in Preston to see if they can help in the search by putting out a bucket of ale in their beer gardens – apparently he favours Newcastle Brown!

Posters will be produced if necessary describing the bird: “He’s about 9-foot tall when fully erect so should be easy to spot.” said Mr DeBeer “He’s mostly black, but has a distinctive white tail. Hopefully, we’ll pick him up asleep later when he’s had a bucketful or two too many beers!”

Wally is quite a valuable and a well-known racing bird. In 2003 he won the UK Ostrich Derby in the fastest time ever recorded and became an overnight celebrity being interviewed in all the national newspapers.

Anybody who sees Wally is asked to contact Mr DeBeer.

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  1. Thank you for all the offers of help to catch Wally the Ostrich – and all the sightings of him – how he got to Brisbane, Australia and back in a day beats me! – He’s now back in his loft enjoying a pint!

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