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Hedon Town Council Election – if contested will take place on Thursday 25th April

Notice of ElectionEAST RIDING COUNCIL has given notice of an election of a Town Councillor for Hedon.

Nomination papers for those wishing to stand for election must be returned to the East Riding Council by noon on Wednesday 27th March 2013.

Nomination papers may be obtained from Electoral Services, County Hall, Beverley, HU17 9BA (or from the Town Clerk, Hedon Town Hall, HU12 8EX).

If an election is contested, the poll will take place on Thursday 25th April 2013.

For a copy of the notice (PDF file) click the image on this article.

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  1. I think its good that there is an opportunity to vote for the new councillor and I intend to stand for the position. As John Dennis said the other week, it would be good to have a fresh face on the Town Council.

    • Hi Mr Gallant – If there is an election, then the Hedon Blog will aim to provide some space so that candidates – if they wish to – can state why they are standing, etc.

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