“Vivid.. Superb… works of art” depict familiar Yorkshire scenes at Hedon Museum

Diane Rotherforth and Shirley Goodsell

Diane Rotherforth and Shirley Goodsell at the ‘Yorkshire’ exhibition

“VIVID, SUPERB and Expressive” were just some of the adjectives used by Cottingham-based artist Shirley Goodsell to describe the paintings on display at the Hedon Museum’s latest ‘Yorkshire’ exhibition.

Hedon Museum long signThe 206 paintings on display are created using various media; acrylic, pastel, oils, watercolour, pencil and linocut. Most  depict scenes from across Yorkshire, including Hedon, Paull and Withernsea – with many evoking fond memories of places visited.

Shirley Goodsell opened the exhibition and paid tribute to the five groups of artists who had created the works – they encompassed people of all abilities and included some first pieces from those who had never picked up a brush before.

“To allow your work to be displayed in a public exhibition like this takes some courage, you open yourself up for scrutiny and some criticism.” explained Shirley ” you need courage to experiment and to make mistakes…”,
“We’re good at that!” interjected one audience member, obviously one of the artists.
“…You also need dedication to your own personal interpretation of your work, and quite often need to go beyond the original research.”

Shirley also paid tribute to Diane Rotherforth, the groups’ Art Tutor who had brought the ‘Yorkshire’ exhibition together: To produce class works of such diverse style, texture and tactile quality, requires a safe and comfortable working environment. You need positive instruction from a sympathetic tutor: The special person creating that environment and instruction is Diane Rotherforth!”

The Museum is open Saturday and Wednesday from 10am – 4pm. Refreshments available. The exhibition is on until 10th April 2013.

Hedon Blog: The ‘Yorkshire’ exhibition is the biggest of its kind to take place in Hedon Museum – even if you have never been to such an art exhibition before – it’s well worth a visit!

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