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Hedon Town Silver to be on permanent exhibition at Trinity House?

Trinity House Hull

Trinity House, Hull

HEDON TOWN COUNCIL has been approached by Hull City Council with a proposal to display its historic civic silver collection at a future permanent exhibition at Hull’s historic Trinity House building.

The proposed silver exhibition at Trinity House would bring together the town’s civic collection, Kingston Upon Hull’s silver, and Trinity House’s own collection to create one of the best silver collections in the country.  This would expect to create a tourist attraction in Hull of international significance and would help to promote Hedon as a place to visit.

The proposal is being considered by Hedon Town Council, but councillors at their meeting last week declared that this was a big decision to be responsible for! Hedon already has what is believed to be the oldest silver mace in England dating back to 1415, but the magnificent civic silver collection is believed to have been started in 1640 when the then Hedon MP John Alured presented the first silver wine bowl.

By allowing the collection to be displayed in Hull the Hedon Town Council would still ‘own’ the silver on behalf of the town’s residents and would have access rights to the collection to organise its own silver shows. However, the notion of ‘giving up’ the silver to Hull after 370 years obviously stirs great civic emotions amongst the town’s councillors.

So what do you think about the proposal?

If you want to get a glimpse of some of the civic silver then it is being displayed on Wednesday 20th February 2013 via the Alexandra Hall: See Hedon Silver Public Display.

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  1. Several visitors came to see the Hedon Silver Show today for the first time.

    Peter and Pauline Kitching, from Hessle, have been regulars at the Alexandra Hall ‘Pop-in’ for two years but had never realised that the Town Hall was next door. They didn’t know about the existence of what they said was the “Brilliant Hedon Silver” prior to picking up a leaflet at last week’s Pop-in.
    Peter and Pauline Dixon
    Sgt of the Mace, Dave Young, was on hand and gave Pauline a chance to hold the Hedon ornamental mace.

    We caught up with another visitor, Trevor Fox, at the Pop-in who was really impressed with his first visit to the silver. We asked Trevor of Birch Tree Lane what he thought about discussions to move the Hedon Silver to Hull to be displayed at Trinity House?

    His view was that it would not be a problem as long as Hedon had access to the silver when it needed it for its own shows. He also wondered if Trinity House would charge to see the collection; he hoped that Hedon would benefit if that was the case.  Trevor hoped that there would be other benefits to Hedon perhaps by selling souvenirs to tourists.

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