Hedon Record? – longest served Pub Regular!

Bill in The Gazette

Bill in the Holderness Gazette!

RECORD BREAKER! It might not actually make the Guinness Book of Records, but The Station in Souttergate has just recorded a bit of an achievement! A regular customer, Bill Stephenson, is perhaps the most loyal pub regular in the whole of Holderness!?

TheStation_SnipBill has been a regular at the Hedon pub since 1949. That will be 64 years a customer this year! He first started off visiting the pub with a group of friends from Bilton – they popped across from the village on their bicycles. He must have enjoyed this visit, because he kept on coming back for more than half-a-century! Bill still makes a visit to the Station every week for a couple of hours – albeit by taxi these days!

Bill – who worked at Hull Parks Department in his working life – celebrates his 85th birthday next month. We are sure that this will be a double-celebration as The Station marks Holderness’ longest-served regular!

The Holderness Gazette has issued a challenge to other local pubs – is Bill the longest, loyal regular of any local pub? If you know different, then e-mail the newspaper at news@holderness-gazette.co.uk – and of course copy us in at hedonblog@gmx.com

More on Bill at The Station on HU12 Online and in this week’s Gazette (7th Feb 2013).

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