Shop Watcher 2013

Co-operative Hedon rooftopWE ARE conducting a very simple Food Prices exercise during 2013. Each month we will be following the prices of four staple value-range foods at the local Co-op Store on Hull Road, Hedon and following the price increases (if any) during the year.

In this continuing year of austerity, shopping carefully has become essential – particularly for those families on a tight budget.

As well as following the prices of milk, butter, bread and carrots, we will be bringing you lots of other chat about your regular shopping in Hedon as well. Hopefully we can begin to offer some money-saving tips and advice.

Item Price Jan 2013 Change from last month Change since Jan 2013
Milk – Co-op 1 pint  £0.50p    
Margarine – I can’t believe it’s not butter (500g)  £1.00    
Bread – Co-op Wholemeal (800g)  £0.89    
Carrots – Co-op (500g)  *£1.00 (£0.50 offer)
Totals  £3.39

*Note between 2nd January and 15th January carrots were half-price as part of a promotional offer – we have used the normal price for this exercise, but in actual fact this shop cost us £2.89. If the price of carrots fluctuates regularly during the year as a result of special offers we shall reflect this in our findings.

We would mostly visit Fresh & Fruity for fresh vegetables, but for the consistency of this exercise we shall get the pre-packs from Co-op.

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