Kingfisher – spotted in Westlands!

Kingfisher spotted Westlands

My photo next to a RSPB library image

A FLASH OF BRILLIANT BLUE flying low just above the water level on Westlands Drain drew my attention last week – it was a Kingfisher.

The bird flew down the drain then back up again and landed on a bush that had fallen into the drain revealing its bright orange chest – I raised my camera and pressed the shutter quickly and the bird flew off again and disappeared into the trees.

Unfortunately the blurred image is not very good – but I feel really fortunate to have seen such a beautiful bird in real life for the first time!

Has anybody else seen the Kingfisher?

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  1. Have seen it several times in the last few weeks, either on the small drain at side of westlands and the new houses or the main drain at the back of the retirement village. Even saw it catching a fish.

  2. I saw one there perhaps 5 years ago on a couple of occasions. Just the flash of colour first time, then i saw it on a bush, but never since.

    Very pleasing to see it, or it’s offspring(?), is still in our area.
    (Note for Ray. – David Bailey – who’s he?)

  3. Hey that’s great! Also a good indication of the health of the water too. Let’s hope they can breed and establish themselves.

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