Siberian Huskies spotted in Paull… and they are coming to Preston!

Cocoa Heidi and Bear in Paull

Cocoa Heidi and Bear in Paull

HUSKIES are beautiful but strong, working sled dogs used to coping with the harsh Siberian conditions of the arctic. But despite the tough conditions they are usually associated with, the breed is surprisingly gentle and placid.

Siberian Huskies bark very little and are extremely friendly – and this was proven yesterday when a team of the dogs came to meet children at Paull Primary School. The dogs were totally unperturbed when dozens of children petted, stroked and hugged the animals in the school playground.

The Huskies were there as part of an event sponsored by Vivergo FuelsAnja Hazebroek from the company said that last year, following meeting a family of Reindeer, the children had asked to see different animals, and while polar bears and penguins were not practical visitors to tour a school, the Siberian huskies certainly were!

Oli Milroy (19)

Oli Milroy (19)

This was a fantastic event and a great opportunity to meet some wonderful animals – and also a great introduction to those children (and adults!) who are perhaps a bit wary of big dogs.

Also, there was an opportunity to meet 19-year-old Oli Milroy, who as one of the youngest polar explorers in the country, has lots of inspirational advice and enthusiasm to share!

The “Hug a Husky” roadshow is coming to Hedon today and children at Inmans Primary School will get an opportunity to meet the dogs and find out all about them.

There is a public event to meet the dogs and Oli tonight at the Preston Community Hall from 4pm – 6:30pm.

Definitely worth a visit – and Vivergo Fuels are providing mince pies and mulled wine too!

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  1. If you go to visit the Huskies tonight – please ask Oli Milroy how he got his polar bear’s tooth!? I’m sure there will be an interesting story! You can just see the tooth in his right hand in the photo above. Let us know on here. Thanks 🙂

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