Wednesday Writings – Ginger Wine

GINGER WINE By David Thompson

Mother`s Ginger Wine,
I always well remember,
It warmed the cockles of my heart,
Every dark December.

Kept in a glass decanter,
On the sideboard, on a tray,
Imbibed by family and friends,
Through to New Year`s Day.

It burned so as I drank it down,
Brought a shining to my eyes,
But then that Wine was so sublime,
When taken with mince pies.

With fondness I remember now,
Glad hours at six six two,
Those Christmases we had,
With that fiery brew.

People called from far and near,
In laws, neighbours too,
For drop of mother`s Ginger Wine,
“I don`t mind if I do”.

When Mother left us years ago,
Her recipe went with her,
Now Ginger wine for Him she makes,
Across the crystal river.

Another beautiful poem from David Thompson who says it was inspired by “fond memories of childhood Christmases gone by”.

Inspired to write your own Christmas Poem? There’s still one more Wednesday before Christmas!

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