Charity Auction – £2,100 raised for Eastside Trust

Charity Auction - Raffle photo by Jim Lindop

Nowhere for winning tickets? – On the head mate!

JIM LINDOP is being very careful with his hands these days! The last time he scratched his nose he bought a bowl of fruit!

Jim was attending the Charity Auction at the Eastside sports ground on Saturday 8th December to support the Eastside Community Sports Trust. He explains all here:

“A fantastic evening, very enjoyable, I scratched my nose and bought a bowl of fruit! The evening was to raise money to pay for new toilets and showers at Eastside, just over £2,100 was raised which it is hoped BP will price match double.”

“Most of BR rugby union team attended with families and friends, as did others from Skirlaugh Rugby League and Eastside Trust’s board.”

He continued: “Eastside is a great venue for sport for adults and kids, it needs supporting!”

Visit: Eastside Community Sports Trust

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