“Hello and Welcome” to Cinderella – Hedon new shop

YOU MIGHT BE FORGIVEN at a casual glance for thinking this photo has been taken in someone’s living room? In actual fact this is Sandra showcasing a part of her new shop Cinderella.

Cinderella is a beautiful, bright place selling an array of items for the home and individuals. The walls are decorated with stunning canvas prints and pictures for sale, which overlook an assortment of ornamental vases, figures and candles.

There is a small area dedicated to children including some toys and baby clothes. Another area has a small selection of designer handbags and perfumes.

Sandra, who has lived in Hedon for six years, has designed the layout of the shop herself. And it works! You can see stuff displayed in a manner that makes you think “that just might look good in my home.”

The shop is likely to become one of those that it will be worth popping into regularly; just to see what new stuff is available. A browsers paradise!

And a warm welcome is guaranteed! Sandra has been open for three weeks and is currently learning the names of her new customers… you get the impression that you have suddenly become a new friend, as well as new customer.

Speaking of names: Why is the shop called Cinderella? A question for the Hedon Blogger’s next visit… unless someone finds out first and leaves a comment here!

Cinderella is tucked away in the Pump Yard, between Hedon Green Print and Hedon Inks & Toners in the Market Place. Definitely worth a visit!

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