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Wednesday Writings – Accidents Arranged

Accidents Arranged by John D. Slater

If you’ve got lots of bills – and to turn – don’t know which way,
Phone Accidents Arranged – it could really make your day.
A broken leg for instance – is worth a thousand quid.
And we will arrange for you – to have the perfect skid.

Concussion’s worth much more – you’ll get at least two “grand.”
And it need not be for ever – we hope you understand.
Our agents are well trained – to do you no real harm.
And they take a lot of care – if they need to break your arm.

Your claim is settled in – the blinking of an eye,
And very rarely needs you – to have a second try.
But if this is the case – our second try is free,
And we hereby do declare – that we won’t increase our fee.

The service we provide – comes without obligation.
We see it as a mission – to help the population,
To get the things they want – without a lot of worry,
A broken neck could bring you – a new car in a hurry.

Just a simple phone call – will secure our much sought skill,
And completely free of charge – we’ll help you write your will.
But that is only when – really drastic measure’s needed,
And every other option – just has not succeeded.

So now sit down and think – how much you could accrue,
If you let Accidents Arranged – do the damages for you.
But be warned against the notion – that you could increase you wealth.
If you did not use our service – and did the job yourself!!


John from Bridlington told us:

Every time we put the TV on we are bombarded with ads for companies to make claims on our behalf Accident Direct, Accident UK, Accident Lawyers, Accident Hotline. But what about the poor people who don’t manage to have an accident? Solution – “Accidents Arranged”.

John D. Slater
Bijou Productions.

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