Horsewell Pond – update August 2012


If you pass the pond and think nothing is happening – well it is. The council’s partners The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust have been trying to secure further funding to return and help restore the pond, this funding has now been agreed, so we hope to meet soon to discuss the issues.

I met with representatives from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to discuss the provision of a sink, pipework and an interceptor tank to take water from Market Hill down Ivy Lane and into the pond, unfortunately the costings are coming back as between £8,500 and £10,000 for this work!

So what’s next? Well, with the help of the Wildlife Trust we may submit a grant application if possible to secure funding .

Or is there some individual or company out there with money to spare ???

Jim Lindop

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  1. From recollection it was filled up about 3 years ago. the charge YW made to use their hydrant for the day was £30 – hardly thousands!Needless to say of course it didn’t stay full – hence the attempts to remedy it now.
    And as far as it being a danger is concerned, are you suggesting that all Hedon’s other ponds and dykes are fenced off or filled in too ?
    If the project does go ahead, it will be an excellent wildlife site, with the pond at the higher – right hand side, and when that becomes full, the excess water will overflow into the lower area to the left, which will become a sort of bog-garden, ideal for newts, frogs, bugs etc etc etc.

  2. seems to me this pond has been an issue since my schooldays… we always called it ducking pond and were told it was used for drownding witches back in the day …lol we were under the impression it was very deep and were always warned to keep well away from it….. then it was filled in and so became less dangerous… now we want to open it up and fill it with water again .. not 5 yards from a primary school… i think it should be left as it is … and we can save the thousands it would take to fill it up with water ?????? which in itself sounds ridiculous …if left wild it would make a great wildlife spot as it is

  3. Further to Jim’s comment below – the Hedon Blog has tried to track issues relating to the pond since February 2011. You just need to click onto the Horsewell Pond Hedon tag at the end of the article.

    Tags are included at the bottom of each article, and are a quick way to find related articles elsewhere on the Blog. The tagged articles are presented in chronological order.

    I’ve highlighted the tag in the image below:

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  4. I have been told that if anyone wishes to donate to the pond the cheque should be made out to the Mayors Charity.
    I have put details of what has been happening to the pond on the blog over the last 2yrs, Angela if you need info please ring me number on the Hedon Town Council website, Jim Lindop

  5. Why not add £1 per household on the council tax
    I would like more info on why after all these years is something being done.
    What has been done in the past ,most places are very proud of their ponds why has it taken Hedon Council so long to do so.
    Yes I am from Hedon and still follow what happens .
    If you have any info regarding this matter please email

    • You can’t charge households on their council tax, as it would then become the normal way of raising funds for any project. Also then only householders who pay tax,would pay.

  6. If you would like to donate please send a cheque made out to Hedon Town Council, I promise we will creat an account for Horsewell Pond Restoration, thank you for the positive response, we have been trying to push this on over the past year,hopefully with your support we will bring the pond back to it former glory, Jim Lindop (Mayor)

  7. Duck Pond, Nr Market Hill Hedon – I too like my brothers played at the Duck Pond down to the Cemetery and then onto Calli where the brickponds was located. I’ve followed the trail to http://www.ywt.org.uk and made a general donation towards helping in the absence of a specific account number. Many Happy Days Good Luck with the restoration but leave some reeds in

  8. As a young lad who was born and raised in HEDON, I will send you £10.00 towards the pond, it was known to us as Duck pond? I will tell my brothers they may chip in.

  9. or we could have a local autumn festive event, a bring and swap fair, to raise money, by tying a £1 to each item, or have a car boot, or book sale some ideas.

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