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Quick Response Codes – You will have seen them. But what are they?

A QR code on EYMS service 105

A QR CODE (Quick Response) is a kind of barcode that can now be easily read by smart mobile phones and provides quick and easy access to a website.

It’s actually a good way to promote a website as the image can be printed out anywhere e.g. a leaflet, a shop-sign, on beermats – or even on the side of a bus as with the EYMS example above! All you have to do is scan the image with your phone, and you are taken to the relevant website. Easy! – You don’t have to type in a long website address.

As an example we have published the QR Code for the Rings n Things entry on our HU12 Business Directory website below.

Quick Response Code for Rings n Things

HU12 Online will use QR Codes a lot more to help promote those that advertise with us (and thereby help support the Hedon Blog to keep going).

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